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 Student Charter



This document seeks to set out the rights and responsibilities of students in Portora Royal School. 


  -I will be polite and respectful at all times to all adults and students within the school
  -I will cooperate at all times with my teachers. 
  -I will ensure that at no time will my behaviour hinder or disrupt the education of others.
  -I will attend all classes punctually and leave only when permitted to do so by the teacher.
  -I will prepare for all classes by completing work set by the teacher in the time allocated, whether this is during class time or as homework.
  -I will wear my uniform appropriately and with pride in school and outside the school building and grounds.
  -I will ensure that my appearance will never bring discredit to Portora Royal School or my family.
  -I recognise my responsibility to the environment and will cooperate in moving litter and other initiatives aimed at its improvement.
  -When travelling to and from school I will ensure that my behaviour does not bring discredit to Portora Royal School or my family.


-I understand that I have the right to respect from all members of the school community.
  -I understand that I have a right to an appropriate education, that is, to be taught in appropriate ways by well qualified and prepared teachers.
  -I understand that where appropriate I have a right to be listened to and treated as an individual with individual needs and learning requirements.
  -I understand that I have a right to have my work read and assessed by my teachers and that they have a responsibility to indicate where my work was inadequate and what measures I need to take to improve.
  -I understand that my teachers will give me extra attention when I need or request it as far as it is possible for them to do so.
  -I accept that I have the right to approach my school councillor, my teacher, my House Tutor, my Housemaster, the Vice Principal and Headmaster with any concerns I may have about my treatment at the school.



Teachers are in charge …

The street has no place in the school: The school uniform, the school dress code and rules governing hair length and appearance all mean one thing: the experience of belonging to Portora Royal School is a special one. You are identified as someone whose achievements and talents are worthy of notice. You are more than what you wear or how you look, but first impressions matter: school uniform rules and codes governing your appearance are important.

School is a civilised place where civilised behaviour is expected. The rules of behaviour will be the same in every classroom. These rules are to help teachers to teach and students to learn. If students are uncooperative or disruptive in class there will be serious consequences to face.

Technology in the school is used for the school: mobile phones are switched off in lessons; the photo functions on phones must not be used to invade other people’s privacy and there must be no misuse of the school’s computer network.

The school is proud of its relationships with the parents of its students. Your parents support the school: if you are disruptive or uncooperative, your parents will be informed and you could be asked to explain your actions to the Headmaster with your parents present.

“This classroom is my classroom”: Teachers are in charge of everything that happens in their classrooms. They will direct you where to sit and will expect appropriate behaviour from you at all times.

Students are not the only people with rights in schools: all adults enjoy the same rights: teachers and other adult in the school must not suffer sexist or sectarian or racist comments. They must never be sworn at or subjected to any threats or innuendo. Students who infringe these rules could be removed from the school.

… but students have a voice

Portora Royal School strives to be a school where
· Students are motivated to study hard 
· Students are taught by well qualified and enthusiastic teachers
· Students find challenges which they can overcome with perseverance

Portora Royal School strives to be a community where 
· Students feel valued
· Students are happy
· Students seek excellence and learn from mistakes

Portora Royal School seeks to be a school where students are listened to, both by other students and by the adults in charge of their well-being. We want to be a school where discussion, reason, negotiation and compromise work more effectively than pressure, coercion or threat of retribution. Teachers are more than just subject specialists; they have a pastoral concern for your well-being and will welcome opportunities to help and support you.

By establishing a Student Council, the school has recognised the need to give students a forum to comment on issues around their experience of being at Portora. Major policies are put in front of the Council for consideration but other issues, such as school meals, are also tackled.  The Council has great potential to contribute to the effectiveness of the school but it will only be realised as students take greater responsibility. 
Presentation Of Work

When you present work for assessment, you are presenting your ideas. It is important that you present your work in such a way as to identify you as a serious student willing to learn and to think for himself. The following rules and guidelines were drawn up to ensure a standard high quality of work presented to teachers and examiners by students at Portora.

Your work must 

-Not be crushed into as small an area as possible but should be easy on the eye and easy to read
  -Have a margin the width of a ruler to allow for teacher’s annotations
  -Have the date at the top
  -Have a title at the top
  -Have your name at the top
  -Be written in legible handwriting
  -Be free of doodles, scribbles and scrawls 
  -be organised in the correct order – there should be no arrows or notes directing the reader to a different page or a different part of the same page
  -Have headings and sub-titles on new lines and neatly underlined
  -Be written in black or blue ink
  -Have printed labelling on maps and diagrams

If you cannot write legibly consult your English teacher: there are books you can borrow which have practice exercises.

If your work falls short of these requirements you will be required to rewrite it before it is marked. If it is an examination script, it may not be marked at all.