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Introducing our School Council

The Student Council has been created for the ‘pupil voice’ to be heard. The aims of the council are to develop and improve the environment in which Portorans work to secure great learning. The councillors have the duty to bring forth their form classes ideas so that the pupil voice of Portora is heard.

The Portora Student Council are committed to:
  • Meeting regularly
  • Promoting whole-school events
  • Encouraging pupils to participate fully in school life
  • Listening to ideas and opinions of all pupils and acting upon them
  • Creating an effective link between pupils and staff
  • Where appropriate, influencing school policy
  • Empowering all pupils of Portora as individual 
On Wednesday 4th November, the newly elected school council returned from a much need half term break.

We started with every representative, new and old, reading and agreeing with the recently update Student Council constitution. Alongside this every representative was required to sign a contract of service, outlining the requirements and responsibilities they were taking. The next order on the agenda required anointing new members of the ‘Executive committee’. This was done internally with representatives stepping up to the positions that interested them the most.

Chairman- Scott Wilson Yr14
Executive Chairman- Eoin Sweeney Yr13
Secretary – Lucy Megaw Yr13
School Newspaper liaison – Lewis Redmond Yr13
Display and Publicity officer – Dara Walker Y11
Media Officer – Stefan Patterson Yr12

Contacting the Council
If you feel you have a great idea for the council or you have an issue you would like to raise. You can contact us in two different ways:
1. You can talk to your elected tutor group representative.

2. You can leave us a note in our suggestion box found by the school council notice board, outside Mr Gaston’s office.

Upcoming items for consideration
Pupil consultation and Approval of the school’s child protection policy
Strategies to encourage greater recycling
Suggestions for lunchtime activities during winter months
Amalgamation Uniform proposals and ideas

School Council documents
The following links will open copies of documents that will give you a flavour of the work our school council does. 
Our school Council Constitution 
School Council End of Year 2013/14 Report to Governors, June 2014 
School Council Minutes 4th November 2015 
School Council Minutes 9th December 2015
School Council Minutes 13th January 2016

Last updated: November 2015, S Patterson