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Post 16 Options

Post 16 options process will take place during March 2015. As part of this process there will be a number of stages involved to support both pupils and their parents in selecting the most appropriate curriculum pathways for the future.

Stage 1 of the process invites you to make a completely free choice from the subjects, at GCE Level, which are available in Portora and through the Fermanagh Learning Community. This information, from you and your peers, will be used to construct five option blocks which represent the best fit possible between student choice and the practical constraints on time-tabling.

You will then, at Stage 2, be asked to select your final four subjects.

Unless you have a very clear idea of the career direction you wish to take you should make a selection of subjects which keeps your career options as open as possible. However it is also important to choose subjects which you enjoy and which you feel you will do well in.

In order to support pupils with their choices and Personal Career Profiles, each year 12 pupil will receive a careers interview with one of the school’s careers guidance teachers during the months of January and February. Should any pupil and/or parents require further support or guidance with the decision making process, additional meetings can be organised with both the school careers department and Mr K Maguire, DELNi Careers Advisor.

The Preparing for Success Strategy 2015-2020 has just been published.


The Strategy builds on the achievements of Preparing for Success 2009-2014 and has been updated to cover the period 2015-2020.  In addition a joint action plan for 2015-16 and 2016-2017 has been developed that identifies the key actions the two departments will take forward during this period.  Further actions will be added for the subsequent years in due course.


The Strategy can be found on the DEL webpage below from 10.00 am Monday 1st March: