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    Physical Education


Mr DK Dempster (Head of Department)
Mr I C Hodgson
Mr D J Holland

Course Content

Physical Education is one of the compulsory subjects within the creative and expressive studies area of study. Through such a programme, pupils have opportunities to:

  • Develop body dexterity,
  • Extend, refine and become more proficient in a range of psycho motor skills,
  • Experience and appreciate the contribution of physical education to the promotion of a healthy life style.

At Key Stage 3 Pupils study (6-8) week blocks of work covering a range of different activities – Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Dance, Educational Gymnastics, Health Related Fitness, Football, Rugby and Tennis.

At Key Stage 4 pupils should become more responsible for their own activity programme and seek opportunities to continue these outside the school curriculum. The programme of study for Key Stage 4 also provides for the progressive development of particular skill activities and personal qualities.

During the two School years covered by Key Stage 4, pupils will study Health-Related Physical Education and choose three from the remaining six elements - Athletics, Basketball Rugby, Football, Games 1, Games 2,

Career Notes

Proficiency in Physical Education and Sport is important in the total development of the individual. Involvement in games develops the essential qualities of commitment and loyalty to team effort necessary in many careers.