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Some Old Portorans of Note



Old Portoran Sir Charles Tegart KCIE, KPM, (1881-1946) was a distinguished colonial police officer in India and Mandatory Palestine. Further information about him can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Tegart

 Old Portoran
 Billy McComb, world famed entertainer and magician.


Old Portoran Sir Edward Jones, Gentleman Usher of The Black Rod.


Old Portoran James David Bourchier is still held in high esteem by the people of Bulgaria but is perhaps generally forgotten in his homeland. To visit a website dedicated to this Old Portoran Click Here


Old Portoran Oscar Wilde achieved both fame and infamy as an author and socialite.

Old Portoran Henry Francis Lyte wrote hymns much favoured by football supporters, but who, except for Portorans, knows of his life and of his connection with Portora? Most will be familiar with the tune to which Lyte's words are usually sung, however few realise that Lyte himself wrote an original tune. We are indebted to The Cyber Hymnal for these links.


Old Portoran Samuel Beckett is a world-renowned writer and Nobel Prize winner.

Old Portoran Dr Denis Burkitt was a medical scientist of world renown.


Old Portoran John Beavor-Webb was influential in the design of steam yachts in the 19th Century.

Old Portoran Tim Miller is a former Red Arrows Squadron Leader and airshow display pilot.

Old Portorans are everywhere, our register now stretches from Sweden and Finland in the north to Australia and New Zealand in the south. We have representatives in Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania as well as many in South Africa. OPs are to be found in Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines and East Timor. South America is represented by a single OP in Peru. Does anyone know of any OPs in the Pacific? There is a blank here at the moment. 

A number of OPs have withheld their locations, these are mainly in the Armed Forces and tend to be somewhat mobile. Many recent students have registered with their Fermanagh addresses whilst they may be living during term time at some other location.

The Honorary Secretary of the Old Portora Union is Robert Northridge.
He may be contacted directly using opu.information@gmail.com 

When adding your email address to the register please pay particular attention when you type it in. On a number of occasions the entries have been incorrect and it has not always been possible to discover the correct address and  to acknowledge the submission, your entry in the Register will include this incorrect email address. 

When you add your details, please email the OPU secretary, using
opu.information@gmail.com, to allow him to activate your details and make them public.

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