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Post Primary Choir, tied 2nd, Portora Royal Choir
Solo Woodwind, Gr 3/4, 1st Callum McClements
Solo Guitar, Gr. 3/4, 1st Usna MacErlane
KS3 Vocal solo, tied 2nd, Samuel Watson
KS3 Contemporary solo, 1st Rhys McQuigg
KS4 Vocal solo, 1st Andrew Irwin
KS4 Songs from the Shows, 1st Andrew Irwin
KS4 Contemporary Vocal Solo, 1st Andrew Irwin
KS5 Songs from the Shows Solo, 2nd Alice Stubbs
KS5 Vocal solo, 2nd Cristian Mulligan
KS5 Vocal Ensemble, tied 1st,
        Laurie Conlan/Alice Ireson/Alice Stubbs
        Andrew Irwin/(Leah Buchanan, Collegiate)
Best Vocal Ensemble of Feis,
 Laurie Conlan/Alice Ireson/Alice Stubbs
Post Primary School Choir, tied 2nd, Portora Royal
Solo Brass, Grades 5/6, 1st Graeme Read
Solo Brass, Grades 7/8, tied 2nd, Jonathan Black and
                                                 Gavin Rogers
Solo Brass, Grades 7/8, 3rd, Nathan Brunt
Solo Brass, Grades 7/8, Cert Merit, James Sunderson
Solo Piano, Grades 7/8, 1st Jonathan Beatty
                                     2nd Maeve McConville
Solo drums, 1st Ryan Morrison,
                   2nd Michael Bugaski
Contemporary Ensemble, 1st Portora Rocksters

Composition @ GCSE and A Level

Composition is a key element for all students taking Music for GCSE and A Level......

Each student is required to compose two pieces of Music. One is to be an arrangement of another piece, and the second must be a celebratory piece.

Click Here   to listen to an example of a GCSE Composition (Arrangement)

Click Here   to listen to an example of AS Composition

Click Here  to listen to an example of A2 Composition 

There are several methods of composing material for GCSE and A Level....

The Music department has 12 state of the art iMac work stations equipped with composing and recording sotfware that has a vast amount of instruments and sounds that can be used. (Garageband)

There is also 4 PC work stations with the Sibelius music software installed.

If your at the stage of choosing your GCSE subjects and are interested in Music, then feel free to visit the music department and ask for a demonstration on the iMacs

The school plays host to many groups and bands. From Pipe and drums to Rock and Roll, Portora Royal has them all!

To celebrate the 400th Anniversary of Portora Royal School. A Musical Quatercentenary Celebration was held in the Ardhowen Theatre.

Below is a few recordings of some of the acts that performed......


*Click to Listen*

The Senior Choir with RnB Band: Rock and Roll Medley 

Flute Soloist - Kristan Swain: Concertino, Cecil Chaminade

Portora Royal Pipe Band: Highland Cathedral

Portora Royal Brass Band: Putting on the Ritz

1608 Choir: Stopping By Woods

RnB Band: Canon

Piano Soloist - John Sheridan (O.P): Prelude & Fugue NO21