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Olympic Torch at Enniskillen Castle




On Tuesday, 5 June 2012 the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay will pass through Fermanagh on its 8,000 mile journey around the UK to the Olympic Stadium, where, on 27 July 2012 the Olympic Flame will be used to light the Olympic Cauldron at the Opening Ceremony, signifying the official start of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

During this time 115 Torch Bearers each day will carry the Olympic Flame.  Six local Torch Bearers have been chosen; Derek & Yvonne Bowles, Angus Keys, Donella Meade, Glenda McElwaine, Marty McQuaid and Rohan Mukherjee. They attended a Reception in the Townhall given in their honour to mark this special occasion and once in a lifetime opportunity.  The Torch Bearers were chosen for their service to the Community or as ambassadors for youth and sport.  

In addition to the opportunity to see the Olympic Flame in real life, there will be a convoy of sponsor and other official vehicles which will be a spectacle in itself. Sponsor vehicles will travel some 30 to 60 minutes in advance of the Olympic Flame and provide marketing and branding materials for spectators along the route.

For the duration of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay the BBC will be providing live pictures on line. This will provide an excellent opportunity to showcase the County around the world.

The Olympic Flame will be travelling through Irvinestown and Enniskillen but will not stop for photographs until it reaches Enniskillen Castle.

The Olympic Torch convoy, sponsor vehicles and official vehicles, will initially arrive in Irvinestown at 10.30am. The Council has organised music, face painters and balloon modellers to entertain spectators while they are awaiting the arrival of the Olympic Flame at 11.30am.

The Olympic Torch convoy will arrive in Enniskillen at 11.00am while the Olympic Flame will arrive at 12 noon.  The Council has organised music, face painters and balloon modellers to entertain spectators at the Diamond.

After travelling through Enniskillen Town Centre the Olympic Flame will arrive at Enniskillen Castle Courtyard at approximately 12.20pm where spectators will have 10 minutes to view, welcome and photograph the Olympic Flame.

Enniskillen Castle Courtyard will be open from 11.00am-2.00pm.   The Council has organised a “Picnic at the Castle” Family Fun event which includes dancing displays, bouncy castles and children’s activities to help celebrate the visit of the Olympic Flame to Fermanagh.

Full details of the Olympic Torch route throughout Irvinestown and Enniskillen are as follows:-


11.28 Torch arrives – Tummery Road

11.36     Main Street

11.44     Torch leaves – Mill Street


12.03 Torch arrives – Irvinestown Road

12.08 Belmore Street

12.14 Townhall Street (The Diamond)

12.15 Hall’s Lane

12.16 Queen Street

12.20 Enniskillen Castle

(Picnic at the Castle Family Fun event 11.00am – 2.00pm)

13.22 Wellington Road

13.30 Dublin Road

13.35     Torch leaves – Celtic Park

For further information regarding the Olympic Torch Relay please contact Keith Collen, Leisure, Development and Arts, Townhall, Enniskillen Tel: 028 66325050, e-mail keith.collen@fermanagh.gov.uk