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Portora Boy's Amateur Radio Success

Jamie Nelson joined Lower Sixth at Portora in September from Lisnaskea High School.

Jamie is a very valuable member of Lough Erne Amateur Radio Club, and a Committee member..

Last February, Ofcom allocated him a Foundation level amateur radio licence. His call sign is Mi6JNU.

Jamie had taken a course and passed an examination run by Lough Erne Amateur Radio Club in SHARE.

He has been active on air from his station at home, mostly on high frequency bands – best for international contacts.

Attached is a scan showing him ( and his sister Gemma ) operating the Club station in an Irish counties contest.

Ofcom’s UK amateur radio system has three levels of license, Foundation, Intermediate and Full – a bit like NVQs

This February the Club ran a course for the Intermediate license. Assessment used practical exercises and an examination.

The examination was on Sunday afternoon past, 75  minutes, 45 multiple choice questions, pass 60%.

All nine passed, including Jamie. Ofcom will shortly allocate to him a new Intermediate license.

Waiting on the exam results (marking follows the examination) he was busy at a Physics homework – some much the same as in the exam!

  Lough Erne Amateur Radio is very proud of Jamie, the most successful so far among Fermanagh’s three teenage licensed radio amateurs.

Michael Clarke, Chairman Lough Erne Amateur Radio Club