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The English Department are very keen to involve our pupils in Law and Debating competitions. These help build communication skills, confidence and promote teamwork.

In the junior school, we give pupils the opportunity to participate in the Belvedere College Mace Debating Competition in Dublin. The competition involves schools from all over Ireland and it is a fantastic experience for pupils.

This year, we will be on the lookout for other local debating competitions to participate in. None of this is possible without pupil participation so be sure to get involved!

At Portora, we enter the Citizenship Foundation's annual Mock Trial competitions. Junior pupils compete in the Magistrates' Court Mock Trial whilst senior pupils compete in the Mock Bar Trial at the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast. These competitions are a brilliant opportunity for pupils to experience the buzz, excitement and pressure of a courtroom!

Lots of preparation is involved and teamwork is an essential ingredient to success!

Citizenship Foundation Mock Bar Trial in the Royal Courts of Justice
- November 2012

Year 13 pupils – Athena Davis, Aaron McCrory, Jordan Wilson

Year 14 pupils – Adam Shaw, Samuel Johnston, Matthew Carson, Alice Stubbs, Aaron Kerr, Glynn Seymour, Jack Phippen, Gavin Hilliard, Simon Kingston.

Belvedere College Mace Debating Competition - October 2012

Yr 9 pupils:
Christopher Glass, Micheal McBreen, Matthew Gray, Joshua Kennedy, Stefan Patterson, Tully Irvine.