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Careers Events

The school arranges a variety of events and activities where students can meet representatives from businesses, education, voluntary organisations and former students for inspiration and guidance in a wide range of career areas. Regular events involving external participants include employer talks and university visits as well as practice interviews for every sixth form student.

Our well established Careers and Higher Education Evening, is held. The purpose of this large scale event is to raise awareness of a wide variety of opportunities and to motivate our students to consider a broad and ambitious range of pathways and to work hard to achieve their full potential. We aim to provide something for everyone!

Queens University- Higher Education Aspirations visit

In February 2016 we were extremely pleased to be able to offer a group of KS3 and Ks4 pupils the chance to visit Queens University Belfast and engage in a campus tour including the Students union, sports facilities, Elms living accommodation and University lecture theatres. This initiative was designed for our young people who have no immediate family experience of higher education and thus our intention was to perhaps sow a seed of aspiration for the future in terms of their choices of academic pathways in years to come.

“I found the trip to Queen’s very useful. It gave me an idea of what university is like; the facilities that are available such as the libraries, the leisure centre, the Student’s Union and the sort of accommodation. It really showed me the scale of the campus as it was much, much bigger than I expected it to be. I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and found it very helpful and something I may give serious consideration to in the future.”  Szymon Gorczynski 10P

Careers Fair 2016

If education is about anything, it is about introducing young people to the world of diverse opportunities. But that in itself is not enough. Education must also enable everyone to make informed choices among many alternatives. Year 10 is one of those critical periods when students have to make their choices for GCSE. They must begin to identify clusters of subjects in which they have interests and which will come together to allow them to make even more specific choices two years’ later.  That is why events such as this Careers Fair are so important. They show the many career pathways which are available and allow students to investigate options which match their skills, interests and aptitudes.

But the event also reminds us that this school sits in a larger community driven by an economy, a network of enterprises which require fresh ideas and new energies to prosper. It is part of the mission of this school to develop young people who can exercise creativity and who will bring to their endeavours commitment and vision.

 Dr J.N Morton (Headmaster)


Pupil Reflections

“The careers fair allowed me to explore various options that I may not have otherwise considered” (C Latimer Yr12)

“The Careers Fair was an educational experience;  interacting with people face to face made university more of a reality and it gave me a much better understanding of my options.“ (S Warrington Yr12)

“The Careers fair has been a very beneficial experience in guiding me through my choices for GCSE, A levels and beyond. I now understand what I need to choose at GCSE to follow the pathway I want.” (J Honeyman Y10)

“I felt it was useful because is showed me the possible pathways available to me both in and outside Portora” (B Scott Yr12)

“I was able to find the course I wanted to do at university and I am now very clear on what I need to do to get there” (F McCann Yr12)

“I found it useful because it allowed me to visually see some of the possible career pathways that I could choose from the in the future” (R Pendry Yr12)

Year 10-12 Careers Fair Guide

Year 13 Careers Fair Guide

Business Networking Lunches

During the school year there are themed business lunches to introduce Sixth Form pupils to professionals: this gives students the opportunity to ask questions and to network.

Year 8 Young Enterprise

'Your School Your Business' 

Friday the 18th of September 2015 saw all our new year 8 boys take part in the ‘Your School Your Business’ programme delivered though Young Enterprise . This programme is one of the many ways we support our new year 8 pupils as they make the big leap into secondary education. The event is designed to introduce pupils to their new school (Portora); though engagement in a range of activities including ‘The hunt for human treasure’, ‘Who am I now?’ and ‘Who is who?’. Through participation in this event, the boys are encouraged to develop a number of key life skills; they learn how to speak to a group, develop personal confidence, how to assess their enterprise abilities, and how to analyses problems and solve them.