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Junior Careers Curriculum


Our Junior Careers Curriculum endeavours to meet the needs of our young people by delivering the statutory requirements of the National Employability Careers Education curriculum, whilst allowing our young Portorans to engage and develop a meaningful Personal Careers Profile (PCP). Pupils will be encouraged to refer to their PCP throughout their education in order to make informed decisions about their future curriculum pathways and careers choices. Each PCP task is designed to reflect individual pupil choices and ideas and actively encourages parental input.


Curriculum Overview

To access replacement pdf copies of key PCP tasks and activities, simply click on the following hyperlinks.


KS3 PCP resources

KS3 PCP Task 1 - My Employability

KS4 PCP Resources.

KS4 PCP Task 1 - Pathways for the future

KS4 PCP Task 2 - Grade Profile, Aspirations & Goals