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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­CRED at Portora

CRED stands for Community Relations Equality and Diversity and has 4 key aims:

  • Improve relations between communities by educating young people to develop self-respect and respect for others, by building relationships with those of different backgrounds and traditions.
  • Ensure that learners have an understanding of and respect for the rights, equality and diversity of all without discrimination.
  • Educate young people to live and participate in a changing world, so that they value and respect difference and engage positively with it.
  • Equip children and young people with the skills, attitudes and behaviours needed to develop mutual understanding and respect for difference.

At Portora, we are currently engaged in a number of collaborative projects that are funded and supported by the CRED initiative and we are very proud of the work being done in these.

There is more that unites us than divides us

This project involves every Year 8 pupil from Portora and St Michaels engaging in a collaborative curriculum experience. Working closely with colleagues in St Michael’s, our aim through the delivery of 4 collaborative events during the school year, is to initiative ‘contact’, break down perceived inter-community division and provide shared academic, creative and social learning experiences to establish positive relationships and lasting friendships based on mutual understanding.


Some Photos from recent events:

Ice Breaker Team Challenge - November 2014

CRED Carousel - January 2015

CRED Workshop with Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre
 - April 2015

Peace Studies

Peace Studies was first set up in 1978 by Mr Richard Neil from Portora and Father Patrick McEntee from St Michael’s college. Through collaboration and shared learning experiences between pupils from both schools, its aim was to foster good relations between our schools. Over the past 36 years there have been many experiences shared, many preconceptions challenged and many friendships made.

Peace Studies 2014-15

2014 is the centennial anniversary of the outbreak of World War I and because WWI is part of our shared history it will be a focus of our Year 13 Peace Studies programme over the next 4 years.

The task for each Peace Studies group was to identify and research one person from their family or the locality who was involved in WWI. The research will soon be displayed and viewed in both schools. Pupils gained a lot from Peace Studies this year and we received very positive feedback with regard to how they acquitted themselves. Some lasting friendships were formed between the schools.

The programme is being coordinated by Mrs J Cross of St Michael’s College and Miss C McCready of Portora. Mrs Catherine Scott of Enniskillen Museums, Mr P Beddard of Portora, Mr F McHugh, local genealogist and Mr R Bennett, local historian and former Headmaster of Portora Royal School, have also been involved in facilitating research and delivering the programme.


Sailing to a Different Drum


Following a visit to the Erne in August 2014, the Heritage Boat Association were delighted to organise a music workshop involving thirty Year 9 pupils drawn from both Portora Royal School and St. Michael's College in Enniskillen on Wednesday 22nd October

The workshop was run by Richard Campbell of ‘Different Drums’ who taught the students drumming techniques and gave them the opportunity to practice, perform and feel the rhythm of a variety of drum types including Lambegs, Bodhrans and a wide range of drums from different cultures and countries across the world. A filmed performance of the event was produced and may be viewed below.

Waterways Ireland kindly donated sponsorship for this event and provided their premises in Enniskillen for the workshop. This workshop builds on the on-going joint initiatives being undertaken together by the two schools and is part of the HBA commitment to engaging with communities connected to the waterways we visit.